Buttermilk Brownies from scratch

I had not made brownies in eons. After making these tongue pleasers, I remembered why. Lots of dishes to wash times two rounds. Once for the brownie batter, and round two for the frosting. Here is the recipe. When using cocoa powder on the stove top the alkaline will make blueing with stainless steel, yes …


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Corn Mini Bundt

I recently got a new donut baking pan. I did not want to fry donuts, so I bake them. The pan is marvelous. But if there is one thing I cannot stand, is a pan that takes up alot of space that can only be used for one thing. HA, I had a moment. The … Continue reading Corn Mini Bundt

Baked Doughnuts

For this recipe you will need special tooling. You will need a pastry bag as well as a doughnut pan and a stand mixer. Pre bake: Preheat oven to 425 Rub butter into doughnut pan wells Ensure ingredients are all at room temperature before begining Ingredients: 1 stick of butter (1/2 C) 2 1/2 cups … Continue reading Baked Doughnuts

Easy apple crisp

It is apple time of year.  Made a deep dish apple pie last week, yum.  This week using up the granny smiths I have I researched a good crisp recipe.  I have modified the recipe for any level of baker.  A few things I have learned with apple baking, use tart, firm apples, and peel … Continue reading Easy apple crisp

Rethink Cornbread

Upon the arrival of cooler kitchen temperatures, cornbread happens in the kitchen.  For my recipe click here.  This recipe is for the iron skillet.  You could make muffins, corn-sticks, or even cook it in a cake pan.  You can make them blue, yellow, or pink.  You cannot make them in a sink.  Sorry slipped into … Continue reading Rethink Cornbread

Foot Bath Soak Recipe

When I soak my feet, I have always used epsom salt.  Salt works out pain and soreness.  But, I wanted to feel smooth and soft.  I recall watching a science experiment using vinegar and it completely dissolved a chicken bone.  Bones are made from calcium, callous starts with the same few letters and is a … Continue reading Foot Bath Soak Recipe

Pink Pancakes!

I come across pink pancakes, which are food coloring free.  Using a bit of nature to color the pancake really works well in this recipe.  I am not a pancake fan but these were delicious!  I can see this perfectly for Valentine’s Day, or any day for your sweetie!  I can also see these poured … Continue reading Pink Pancakes!

OCFM Cranberry Pie

While perusing on pinterest, seeking recipes worth a try I came across an interesting recipe.  The following is my own adaptation of this recipe, and I will also post the original recipe. Both times I have made this pie, steam has become a problem.  I would utilize pie birds for venting your crust.  The first … Continue reading OCFM Cranberry Pie