Tamales are a labor of love.  I made this recipe yesterday for dinner and it has a huge prep/assembly time.  Started at 4:30 and we ate at 7:15.  The love you put into these tamales will put smiles on faces and make full, happy tummies. You will need a large 8 qt pot with lid … Continue reading Tamales

Apple Pandowdy!

Cookbooks are a true marvel.  They can unlock the secrets of the yummy past.  This day and age we cook differently than half a century ago, and 30 years before that it was different too. This week, in my busy schedule I swung by the antique shop that I like to hit every now and … Continue reading Apple Pandowdy!

Honey Pie

A term of endearment and a slice of deliciousness! Recently a co-worker gave me a large jar of honey.  It is liquid gold you know!  A small jar of local honey costs around $8.50.  This was a jumbo jar and I have no idea of price as it was a gift. So what does one … Continue reading Honey Pie

Dessert Made Simple

The other day, again I was left with some bananas that were perfectly ripe for eating, but it was just too warm in my Texas kitchen for any baking opportunity.  I hate wasting food, and wanted to eat the banana just as it was, but it just did not sound good by itself.  By adding … Continue reading Dessert Made Simple

Bundted French Bread

Ah….the smell of homemade bread in the house.  Nothing better than digging the jowls into hot bread out of the oven.  French bread is easy to make but on the tough side.  Day old French bread makes the perfect crouton toasted in the oven or wonderful French toast. Today I am including two recipes using … Continue reading Bundted French Bread

Apple Baker

Many years ago the Apple Baker or Apple Schnitzer was invented/created.  I came across a cast iron, blue speckle a few years back.  Having one apple baker for a family would not work proportionately.  So I waited to stumble across more apple bakers through the years.  Friday, I visited a local antique shop and came … Continue reading Apple Baker